Sunday, 28 July 2013

A belated Slimming World update!

It has been four weeks since I wrote an update on how I am doing at Slimming World, that in itself is not strange as I never planned to do it regularly, what is strange is the fact that I reached target three weeks ago and haven't got round to mentioning it!

I also haven't been back to group since then although that's only due to Leo being off school and it being too much like hard work to stay after weigh in with both the boys, being at target means I don't have to pay so from that point of view I don't need to go at the moment.   I will go next week to weigh in to keep myself on track but probably won't end up staying again until after the summer holidays.

Personally I'm not a fan of weighing and going, I've always liked to stay to the meetings, even if sometimes they can be hard work!  Certainly in the winter when Aaron will be around to look after Louka I'll go back to staying every week. 

Although I'm pleased I've got to target I think the reason I've not been shouting about it is that to me it was a 'cheats target'!  I would like to lose another 1/2 stone to get me to my pre-pregnancy weight but a not able to afford the meetings really and they are not enjoyable whilst taking both the boys.   I had been struggling for a while to get to where I am so decided to take a breather for the summer and enjoy having a little bit of leeway to enjoy an ice cream or 3.

I will do it though and when I reach my ideal target I'll be shouting it from the rooftops!


  1. 7 lbs off your ideal weight is pretty fabulous. Give yourself a break over the summer and get back to it when Leo is back at school and the weather is cooler so you feel like walking more.

  2. Eat the ice-cream, have a flake (do they do them out there?) and then get your half stone off in the Autumn. You've done so well to get there, I wish I had your will power.


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