Saturday, 13 July 2013

365 Project - week 28

Continuing with the #fmsphotoaday prompts, here are this weeks...

7. Where you are  - this is where I often am, building tracks and playing trains!

8. Path - I wanted to go out and explore to find an interesting new path to take a pretty photo of, but it is far too hot!

9. 3 things - Baby, milk and cuddles

10. Smooth

11. I wore this  - and probably have done every day since April!

12. Bad habit - biting my nails, I was just trying to distract from it a little by getting my rings in shot!

13. 4 o'clock - being used as a human climbing frame by Louka.

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  1. I find nail polish does the trick for stopping biting nails.

  2. Love that big track set. I think z would love trying to build it all. He loves putting things together at the moment!

  3. I wish I had paths like that to explore!

  4. I like your take on the themes, my favourite it the 3things. Nothing better than a sleepy cuddle

  5. i like that you choose 4pm the same as Darren from Onedad3girls did!! i also bite my nails still eeeeeek!!! another thing we have in common! i am enjoying seeign what photos you sue to accompany the themes x x

  6. I used to like playing with trains with my sons too. Oldest boy used to have it on the landing with his matchbox cars parked along the track too..

  7. Great photos. I also am a nail biter, a habit I wished I could easily shake. The path picture is epic

  8. I can't bear the thought of biting my nails, goes right through me! I love the top shot of Leo playing with the trains; very brooding!


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