Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Cake free 'Birthday Cake'

It can be so hard to think of good gift ideas for birthdays, especially here in Cyprus without the variety of shops we've been used to in the UK and for someone like my Dad who doesn't really need anything as such.  So when I saw this fab idea on pinterest I thought I'd give it a go.

It's so easy to make.... obviously as homemade stuff is not generally my strong point!

You need.....
no bake birthday cake

An empty 2 litre coke (or similar ) bottle - cut the top off so it sits flat
8 cans
12 -14 mini choc bars
Cake board

Start by placing the bottle upside down on the board, and place the cans around it.  Tape them all together so they don't keep moving around.

Place the chocolate bars around the top in the same way.

Cover with ribbon.

birthday cake gift for all ages

I used a bit of blue tack to secure my candle but you could make a hole in the top of the bottle instead.

There you go, an easy yet effective gift that will always be appreciated!

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  1. That is seriously cool! These non-cake cakes can be adapted in so many ways can't they?


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