Sunday, 9 June 2013

Just a big kid at heart!

Last year we went to a restaurant with a fab play area and every time we have driven past it since then Leo has asked to go back. It closed for the winter not long after our visit so when we drove past a couple of weeks ago to see the 'biggest bouncy castle in the world' all inflated I knew it wouldn't be long before we returned. 

On Friday evening (it doesn't open until 6pm, which is annoying but it would be too hot to walk on in the day)  a couple of friends were going so invited us along. My Mum offered to look after Louka so Leo and I went on our own. 

He was very excited, especially as we had dinner first and I told him we'd be out until after it had got dark. We very rarely go out late, despite the fact I always imagined I would do with him and because of that he usually trots off to bed quite happily at 7pm and I relish the peace and quiet to much to change it!

However, summer is here and in next week he will finish school for 3 months so I  want to do lots of exciting things with him and let him have some later nights so it was a good start to get him used to it.

I'm just a big kid at heart and love bouncy castles so I spent a long time playing with him on the big castle and the huge shark slide, it was good exercise as I was exhausted after it!

Bouncy castle East Cyprus

It was lovely to spend some time just with Leo without worrying about what Louka is up too, well OK, I just really wanted to go on the shark!

Funland park Kapparis

I'm not the best at taking one handed self portrait photos but Leo loved the fact we had one of the two of us on our 'special' night out!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. How lovely that you were able to spend some quality time with Leo, I can see how happy that made him! I'm afraid that I would have had to have a go on the shark as well. Thanks for popping over and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. That's a lovely way to spend time with Leo. That last picture speaks a thousand words!

  3. i think it is wonderful that you go to soend some time with just your oldest boy. i would have enjoyed playing on those inflatables too lol as i am a big kid really . and i love that last photo of you both x x


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