Friday, 14 June 2013

Flashback Friday - A birthday surprise

Today is my Dad's birthday so I thought I'd flashback a few years... not many of course, to his 50th birthday.

My Mum decided to arrange a surprise for him, she did it brilliantly considering how much time they spend together and he didn't suspect a thing.

Dad was told that the two of them were going out for dinner at a local restaurant.  What he didn't know was they were being joined by his friends and family!

It was arranged that a friend would give them a lift to the restaurant on his way out. At this point Dad thought that the friend was going to be joining them for dinner as a surprise, on the way there he asked if that was the plan but was told no, the friend was very sorry but had other plans.

He didn't believe them and expected him to get out the car when they arrived but instead he dropped them off and drove away.

Meanwhile I was inside the restaurant and with all the others waiting for them to arrive. As they walked in I happened to be the first person he saw and he smiled at the 'surprise'. We didn't live that far away and the fact of Aaron and I being there would not have been that unusual.

It was a second later however that he noticed the others one by one and was genuinely stunned!

I think there were about 15 of us in total, some who had traveled a fair distance too.

It was a great evening and enjoyed by everyone, especially the guest of honour!

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  1. Isn't it great when a surprise party manages to really be a surprise?! It's so difficult to keep it quiet even with a few people. He certainly looks like he enjoyed it :)

  2. happy birthday to you dad. what a great surprise and your mum did well not to let the secret out and for your dad not to find out about it from anyone else! you look young in that photo Emma and your MUm looks just like you x x

  3. Dad's friend drove on and parked round the corner he joined us in the Restaurant, also adding to the surprise. A great evening had by all. - Mum

  4. Happy birthday to your dad. What a lovely surprise :)

  5. Aww what a lovely suprise and good on your mum doing so well keeping it a secret! - I'd be busting to tell!! Happy birthday to your dad, hope he's had just as good a day today :)


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