Saturday, 15 June 2013

Agia Napa - not just for clubbing!

There's a large misconception that Agia Napa is just for party people and only comes alive at night.  It is true that it is a fab party place during the day it's a totally different place. Last Sunday a friend and I went for the afternoon and had a lovely time. While I often pop down there to see Aaron at work it's been a long time since I did anything else so it was great to and do something different.

First of all we explored the small church at the harbour, Agios Georgios.

Agios Georgios church Agia Napa Harbour

Leo was surprisingly interested in it and was comparing it to the big church he has been to with the school.  I pointed out the beautiful decoration and it was all going well until he started asking who all the pictures were and lots of other questions, I came a bit unstuck trying to answer all his questions!

Next to the church is a restaurant with a small playground so we popped in there for a sneaky play before walking around the harbour itself to look at the boats.  Leo was interested in the different types from the small traditional fishing boats to the large tourist 'submarines' and party boats.  He was desperate to go out on one and I told him we would go very soon with Grandad while Nana looks after Louka.

Agia Napa Harbour

Leo and his friend Jack were excited to see 'Nemo' who was with the guys handing out leaflets for the 'Nemo Submarine boat trip'  I just couldn't believe he could survive in wearing that suit in the heat!

We stopped to feed the fish such a simple activity but something Leo has never done before. He was absolutely over the moon about it, fascinated how mad they all went as he threw the bread in, I think this was the highlight of his whole day!

We stopped for a picnic lunch near the water in a lovely little shaded area with benches and the boys had a run around playing ball for a while, until Leo randomly announced he was cold.... I have a temperature gauge on my pushchair and it was showing 35 degrees in the shade!

Agia Napa limnaki picnic area

Heading back to the harbour we decided to stop for some frozen yoghurt at a new place that has recently opened which happens to have a great little play area right next door. The boys were not at all interested in the yoghurt, or even the sweets we'd put on the top, preferring instead to play leaving us to eat it all ourselves!

Next to the playground is  coffee bar, restaurant and a nice looking pool so I think we're be heading down again very soon.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Wow, it looks lovely there. You are very lucky to live so close to a beach where the sun shines.

  2. Looks gorgeous - and how lovely that Nemo was there! Was it very hot then? looks like there may be a tad bit of sun here again today.

    Visiting via Countrykids

  3. The average temperatures now are mid to high 30s in the day. It was bad enough in normal clothes, I'm not sure how Nemo didn't pass out!

  4. We are still waiting for the sun to break through here in Cornwall, so I'm very envious of your lovely warm pictures. As you show there is more to Agia Napa than the night life - it's a picturesque place with lots for families to do. Thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Fab afternoon. I imagine it must be nice and quiet with all the "tourists" nursing their sore heads :) It's funny we have never fed fish before and now you got me thinking! I wish we could be complaining about the heat!

  6. That looks like a very fun afternoon! Feeding the fish sounds great - I can remember doing that when I was a child, must try and let the boys do it sometime :) #CountryKids

  7. What a fabulous place to bring up your children. I have been to Agia Napa many years ago when my husband was serving in Cyprus with the army. The most outstanding memory for me, was how friendly everybody was, it was a really welcoming place. That and the heat too, it was almost unbearably hot for my Irish freezing cold constitution ha!

  8. i always have a little bit of envy when i see your outdoors photos - that sunshine, blue skies, sea and summer clothing!!! its nice to see and learn a bit about Ayia Napa and see that it has its non clubbing parts for families. x

  9. Was a lovely day, jack loved it! X


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