Monday, 3 June 2013

A homemade 'Spiderman' birthday cake

Although I'm not the worlds greatest cake maker I do enjoy the challenge of trying to make a good cake for Leo's birthdays.  The cakes are usually a joint effort between Aaron and I, with me doing the baking and usually handing it over the Aaron for the hard bit of decorating it at the end!

This year I found the idea for the cake on my friends blog - Emma's Lunch and thought that it would be easy and effective.

It was only the day before I came to make it however that it occurred to me that it needed to be oval, and I only had a round cake tin.  I didn't realize though just how easy that problem is to solve....

how to make an oval cake

Using red fondant icing, I covered the cake and then handed over to Aaron for the bit that needs a steady hand and some patience.

It was a great joint effort, although in hindsight I should have brought the smaller 'decorating gel' rather than the icing which would have been a bit neater but overall I was really pleased with the result,  and Leo loved it which is the main thing!

Spiderman birthday cake


  1. The round to oval method is so clever. Nice little trick. Your spiderman is awesome!

  2. Emma this is such a great cake and the detail is amazing Aaron must have very steady hands as mine would look all wobbly lol. i have pinned the how to make an oval cake and the finished cake as they are fab x


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