Sunday, 16 June 2013

365 Project - Week 24

Agia Napa limnaki  fish feeding

A day out at the harbour in Agia Napa, Leo fed fish for the first time and loved it!

Little Kickers Cyprus paralimni

Second Little Kickers football lesson, Leo was very pleased to get his kit.

Slimming world Cyprus paralimni

I set up a facebook page and group for my Slimming World group, and spent most of the day promoting it on facebook.
Cyprus school play

Leo's end of year school play, he was an absolute star!

Enjoying being the 'big boy' and helping his friends walk down the stairs!

My Dad's birthday and he got cuddles from his grandsons. 

baby sleep

He does sleep, just not very often or when you actually want him to.

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  1. well done yoiu on setting up a slimming world group - very inspiring. Leo looks so sweet in his chefs outfit and football kit - now yu will have football matches to watch then!? love the photo of your boys and their grandad and Louka sprawled ot like that made me smile - i love how they can , sometimes, just wipe out like that x x

  2. How cute does he look in his school play!!!

  3. Have you ever seen a chef with a scarf and binoculars? He was a sailor :) Np football matches thankfully, it's just training really, running about and little games and stuff, not matches at this age

  4. Leo looks gorgeous in his play, I'm sure you were very proud of him. What a lovely picture of your Dad with the boys as well, my favourite however is of Louka - totally zonked out!

  5. I think you are great setting up the page. well done and birthday cuddles are the best x

  6. Leo looks ace in his end of year concert, such a sweet little boy! I love that photo of Louka crashed out.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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