Sunday, 2 June 2013

365 Project - Week 22

Now we've started something!  This was the first time Leo has ever asked to go on a kids ride in a restaurant. Some how I don't think Louka will get to the age of four before his first go!

Preparations underway for Leo's Spiderman party - 
Aaron made this for the 'Pin the Spider on the web' game.

You can never have too many photos of babies trying to eat spaghetti!

The birthday boy blows out his candles

Keeping the party decorations up until the weekend!

I passed my Greek course with 93% in the end of term exam,

A hard day by the pool!

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  1. Congratulations on passing your exam - well done. Love the Spiderman theme and hope he had a fab birthday.

  2. congratulations on passing your exams. and spaghetti eating looks fun at your house. Love the pics of Leo blowing out his candles and lazing by the pool! sounds like such a fab week Emma xx


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