Now you are four.... {Leonidas}

Dear Leonidas,

Today is your 4th birthday, I told you we'd get there eventually after all those weeks of counting down the days!  I know this has seemed such a long time coming for you as your friends have been four for ages now and you have been asking me for so long when it would be your birthday.

You are so very grown up now, going to school every day and even sometimes even saying goodbye to me at the gate and going in on your own. We are all very proud of how well you are doing at school, speaking Greek all the time and getting on so well with the other children.

You love playing with your friends, and on the whole you all get on very well.  You love to go out, whether it is to the park, beach or pool or visiting Daddy at his shop.

You have learnt so much in the past year, you can read brilliantly and there's no stopping you when it comes to picking up more information.

Your latest love is playing on the Wii and it amazes me how fast you have learnt how to do it all and handle all the different controls, already I'm having to get you to help me!

Last year you became a big brother and what a great brother you are, you enjoy showing Louka how to  do things and telling him what he will be able to do when he is the same size as you. You have adapted really well to sharing your Mummy with him, even though understandably you do get annoyed when he tries to take things you are playing with.

You make me laugh every day with the brilliant and funny things that you do, and you are always full of energy and noise! Although you drive me mad at times we wouldn't have you any other way!

I hope you enjoy your birthday and your Spiderman party that you helped me to plan and that your 4th year is as happy and full of fun.


  1. Leonidas wishing you a Happy 4th Birthday and a great Spiderman party, all our love Nana and Grandad xx


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