Me and Mine

Considering how many photos get taken in this house each month we have very few of all of us, I think the first photo taken of Aaron and I with the boys was at Christmas when Louka was four months old!

We kept meaning to get one all winter while Aaron was off work, knowing it would be difficult once he went back as he works 7 days a week and gets in after the boys have gone to bed. The week before he started we had my parents come up for a BBQ and I made sure we finally got our photos. They were worth the wait though, we ended up having loads done trying to get one where everyone was smiling and looking in the right direction, not easy with a baby and an uncooperative 3 year old!


dear beautiful


  1. They are really lovely photos. Love the last one!

  2. I love these. You look SO happy. I'm glad you joined in with Me&Mine x

  3. These photos are so lovely. You all look really happy together. Thanks so much for linking up. x

  4. Great photos - you all look relaxed and happy.

  5. Lovely photos, I really like the last one, you all look so happy x


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