Greek 4 Kids Book Review

I started trying to learn Greek way back in 2007 when we decided to move to Cyprus, and even when Leo was just a baby in England I was looking for ways to introduce him to the language.   I remember one morning looking for Greek cartoon on youtube with a 5 month old Leo sitting on my lap!

Last year we went to Greek 4 Kids lessons which gave him a little taste of the language before starting school. Although I'm not really trying to teach him, as my Greek is not good enough, and he is picking it up much quicker than I am anyway at school, I do like to find ways to encourage him to use it - it helps me too!

Greek 4 Kids is a brilliant website which aims to teach Greek through fun games and activities, they have a great selection of free printables and recently have added some booklets in addition to these. 

We now have a copy of the Greek Nursery Rhymes booklet which we've been trying out. Leo often comes home from school singing songs that I can't join in with as I don't know the words, often he doesn't as you can tell he's making up the bits he can't remember!
Greek for kids

The booklet is 28 pages longs and contains some of the most popular nursery rhymes, and the Greek versions of 'Five little ducks', 'Head Shoulders Knees and toes', 'Once I caught a fish alive' and 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush'

Each song has colourful pictures decorating the pages as well as pictures to colour.

I found it quite tricky at first to sing them, even the ones with tunes I knew as fitting the Greek words into the tune was really hard, but with the help up youtube I manged to find them all and Leo enjoyed following the words in the book along with the song.

Our favourite is 'Τα παπάκια'  or 'Five Little Ducks' I guess Leo likes it as it's the one I found easiest to sing and he picked it up very quickly from me.  I'm now finding myself singing it all the time, it's very strange to have a Greek song stuck in my head, makes a change from the Thomas theme tune at least!

You can buy a copy of the book via the Greek4Kids website for €8 for a hard copy or €5 for a digital copy or email

We received a digital copy of  the book for review 


  1. On youtube you can find Zouzounia "Ζουζούνια" which is the same group as your video above. They sing usually about shapes, numbers, colors and anything education. Also there is the group "Mazoo and and zoo". It's a group of young adults singing about the animals. I'm 27 and still listen to this group :)


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