Can I call you back?

These last few weeks seem to have passed in a bit of a blur as I attempt to get used to the arrival of the summer season and Aaron's return to work, but despite a rather neglected blog I have so far survived.  I may have lowered my standards somewhat - random tidying up involving hiding mess or moving it somewhere else, far too much time spent by Leo playing on the Wii while I'm cooking/feeding Louka/ cleaning...   but I do have two children who are (mainly) clothed, fed and happy... well minus the teething and tantrum moments!

Louka is still not a good sleeper ( there's another blog post there!) and because of this I'm often in bed not long after 9pm. Considering I'm usually just finishing cooking dinner at 8pm or still tidying up it seems like I'm not getting anywhere fast.

I have the longest ever list of blog posts in my head to write and I miss being able to keep up with myself! Over the last few weeks I've missed so many of the blog linky's that I love joining in with, although I'm quite impressed with myself that I've kept up to date with my 365 project, even though I've been a bit rubbish at keeping up with the others who join in each week.

I still read a lot of blogs but rarely have the chance to comment and that just feels rude!  I usually read on my phone or on my laptop but whilst doing something else and never get round to going back again.   

I've still been going to Slimming World and got my stone award a few weeks ago although I've put a couple of pounds back on since then and am finding it hard to stick to at the moment. I was doing much better when I had a bit more time to plan and prepare food and I need to get back on track as I veered way off when may friend was staying with me!  The 30 Day shred got abandoned when my knee became too painful but I've not replaced it with anything else as when I have some spare time sleeping or blogging wins over exercise every time!

I've also been busy with Greek lessons two or three times a week, plus an exam a few weeks ago  with one more to come next week - which reminds me that I probably should be revising!

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  1. It's gonna be a long summer. Let the housework go and don't feel guilty. And who says you have to blog every day or even every week. I've had a couple of Silent Sunday to Silent Sunday weeks with nothing in between. Good luck xx

  2. don't beat yourself up too much Emma - Jenson didn't really start sleeping through the night until he was a year old so understand how you are feeling and your are on your own all day every day now. you will get there and back on track with everything. (hugs) xx


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