Saturday, 25 May 2013

365 Project - week 21

Making decorations for his 'Spiderman party' next week

Last year I showed Leo how to play his Leapster game, today Louka picked it up and knew exactly what to do!

After who knows how many times I've built Leo tracks I think he's now mastered it - 
he did this all by himself

Choosing a Dvd together - not that Louka actually had any say in the matter even if he had understood!

Dot-to-dot with Nana

At a birthday party, here is Louka enjoying some party food!

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  1. i love how childrens bottoms point upwards like that when they sleep.and Louka looks like he is enjoying that pizza at the party. i think my fav is the one of the two of them 'choosing' a DVD. i love how the youngest sibling desperately wants to join in with everything their older sibling does. cute x

  2. Good luck with your spiderman party! I'm currently in planning stages for my little ones joint superhero party next month!
    Emma xx

  3. I love a bum-in-the-air sleeping baby.

  4. Well done Leo, that's an impressive track. A very sweet picture of the two of them choosing a DVD.


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