The Silly Season begins...

This month sees the start of the so called 'Silly Season' here in Cyprus, the tourist areas are waking up after the winter shut down.  Protaras, which almost completely closes during winter has opened again and pretty much everything in Agia Napa is open again for the summer.

Last week Aaron started work again and all of a sudden we have a big change upon us. Last year was his first season and I was worried about coping through the summer with Leo and my ever growing baby bump, not to mention the arrival of said baby bump and the first couple of months with dealing with two children.  Once the season gets underway he has to work 7 days a week, often in the height of summer for up to 12 hours a day, and he got just one day off when Louka was born. It was a long old summer!

The flipside of such horrible hours is of course the fact he gets five months off in winter and it was a very welcome break, we were both exhausted and Aaron was happy to finally get time to spend with his boys, and get to know Louka properly. 

It was a fairly quiet and not always easy as we tried to get used to being a family of four, but we had some lovely days and it was great having him around all the time. 

We had a great Christmas, and really enjoyed the run up to it as well - well I did anyway!  We had several days out, and a visit from Aaron's Mum and nephews which was great as we'd not seen them for almost 3 years. 

There were plenty of walks and we even got round to taking a trip to see the snow in the mountains which I have wanted to do every year since we arrives. I often took Leo out on his own so we could do things together which would have been much harder struggling with a buggy and Louka.  

It wasn't all about the boys though, we had a night out with our friends for the Daxi business awards and I went to England for four days all on my own, which was brilliant! I also started Greek lessons which I would not have been able to do so easily without Aaron being at home. 

I'd been trying not to think too much about his return to work as I was not looking forward to it at all. I am worried about how I will cope with the boys, my parents are an amazing help but its not the same as being able to just pop to the shop or go for a nap without feeling guilty and wondering if you need that 'babysitting favour at a more important time!

It's so tiring, for both of us and almost impossible not to play the 'who's more tired game'  Aaron always says, its not a competition (I reckon, because if it was I'd win!) but its hard on both of us just in different ways. 

I'm also sad, sad that that little period of our lives is over, the winter of spending time with our last baby and our funny three old. Sad that the Leo will miss his Daddy and not really be able to spend any length of time with him for 7 months, sad that he will miss both the boys birthdays and his own 40th and sad that Aaron and I will not get to spend much time together either due to the stupidly early time I end up having to go to bed.

I promise though that I will try to get on with it and stop bloody moaning! I know I am lucky for many things and there are plenty of people a lot worse off than me.  I'm sure I will get into a routine of sorts and if I stop feeling sorry for myself (and for Aaron - for having to work so hard) then the boys and I will have a great summer and we won't just survive we'll actually have fun too!


  1. MidlifeSinglemum14 April 2013 at 21:49

    I remember in Jerusalem by the end of the summer (back in the days when the center of town was the only hang-out) we used to get fed up of all the tourists and couldn't wait for them to leave so we could have our coffee shops, etc.. back to ourselves. It was silly because without the tourists non of the businesses could have survived. On the other hand it was also a bit exciting to see everything coming to life again in the late spring. As you said, swings and roundabouts. I wish you an easy, fun, and lucrative 7 months. xx

  2. Reading the things that you are sad about made me tear up. It must be hard for you, and don't ever think that you should stop moaning. At least your moaning is justified.

    It looks like you had a really lovely few months whilst Aaron has been at home.

    I'm here for you if you need support (virtual of course) x

  3. it must be hard Emma - those 7 months are very long and the saddest part is the boys not seeing their daddy much and vice versa. so much happens so fast with our children - but at least with the blog you keep a record of it for you and Aaron to look back on and remember.
    sending you big (hugs) - at least you have your parents close by and those 5 months to look forward to again x x


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