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I burn my candle at both ends, 

It will not last the night. 
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends, 
It gives a lovely light.

My Dad grew up with his Dad telling him not to 'burn the candle at both ends' and he often said it to me too. Although I quite like the quote now at the time it drove me mad! Then I thought it a load of rubbish and decided that I'd rather pour petrol on the bloody candle and have a huge flame - that sounded much more fun!

The thing is, a youthful candle is much longer lasting!

This is one of my all time favourite photos of me, although my Mum hated it! It was taken in 1994 in Minorca on my last holiday with my parents. I loved that dress although I didn't ever have the confidence to wear it anywhere other than on holiday. Not sure why looking at the photo, I wish I'd realised I was that slim at the time!

Once upon a time I could drink, party and stay up late and still get up for work in the morning, nowadays I blame the kids for my inability to do that but even before their arrival the hangovers were getting longer and the nights were (sometimes) getting earlier.  I still refuse to blame it on the 'blazing candle' though - I refuse to admit that he may have been right.... although I reserve the right to repeat the phrase to Leo and Louka when they are out partying in Agia Napa all night!

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  1. you do look slim and young and brown in that photo! I wish i realised how slim i was back in my youth too! i always thought i was too chunky!!sadly, as you say as you get older maintaining late nights and partying is not what it was in our younger days - i would much rather stay in with a cuppa and my laptop lol!!!
    thanks for linking up x

  2. That dress always looked lovely on you and I always used to joke about the photo saying - is that how we brought you up, a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other! That was the first year you smoked in front of us, not that we did not know you smoked! Fun times though.

  3. I was just the same, always though I was chubby compared to my friends and I would do anything be that size now! I love looking at photos of Mummy's before they were Mummy's, I couldn't even imagine doing the things I did before Lucas, I just couldn't keep up :)


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