Flashback Friday - one year later

Last year Aaron started work in Easy Riders hire shop in Agia Napa, as they are only open during the summer season they work very long hours and so I often took Leo down to see his Dad during the day. He loved sitting on all the quads although always made Aaron promise not to start them as he didn't like the noise.
Moped and quad hire Agia Napa Easy Riders

Last week I took both the boys down to see him and Leo couldn't wait to get on the quads again.

This year however he is much braver and actually wanted to go out on one!  He was very happy that Daddy took him up the road and back and he loved every second.   Louka was in a very wriggly mood so I didn't get round to getting his photo taken on one but I'm sure I will next time.



  1. It's amazing how much difference a year makes to their confidence. Lovely photos.

  2. Lovely photos - they all love their time with daddy :)

  3. its amazing how much they can change in a year. Leo's confidence has grown so much maybe it is him being at school and being happier because he can interact? it must be a boost to his confidence for sure. its a lovely thing for him and his daddy to have some make bonding time on a quad lol but will you be so happy if he still enjoys quads in say 14 years time???? i look forward to reading all about it then x


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