Another trip to the park

Leo does love 'the park with the statue' and we often go there either on our own or with a group of us. a couple of weeks ago I left Louka with Aaron and took Leo on my own for an hour or so.

He paid more attention than usual to the water pumping displays and I had to figure out how they all would have worked to explain them all to him - it's a shame they don't have some information boards next to them as that would have made it much easier.

As usual we also collected pine cones for Nana, she asked him a while ago to see if he could find some for her, soon I think she won't be able to move for the amount he's been giving her!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. its lovely that you got to spend some time with just Leo - it so nice to have that chance to spend some quality alone time with him. i bet you both really enjoyed it too. he looks so grown up here Emma x

  2. this looks like a fantastic place to visit x

  3. It's great that he has a favourite park, as does my little one, is the simple things that they enjoy the most, thats a really cool water pump and I love the pinecone collecting, something we have been doing a lot this spring. Stopping by from the linky

    Laura x


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