365 Project - Week 15

I only turned round for a moment and Louka had dragged himself under the table (he doesn't crawl, just somehow wriggles along, and generally only backwards!) 

Then there was trouble!  Now Louka is moving about he keeps grabbing Leo's things, this is not going down well, especially when he removes bits of track!

On Tuesday I had my first parent's morning at school. He's doing so well and I'm so proud of how well he is coping with the second language.

After telling Leo how proud of him I was doing so well at school and with his Greek he decided he wanted to help me learn too so he got his puzzle out and started teaching me!

A rare moment of Louka sitting upright, propped up with cushions. He usually throws himself about as he prefers to be held standing up, which is really hard work on your arms!

Revision for today's Greek exam!

I believe this look says 'Don't take photos of me eating just because you've realised it's getting late and you haven't taken one today yet!

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  1. Awww I love that Leo wanted to help you learn Greek. That's so sweet.
    Good luck with the track confrontations. We get these all the time.

  2. Hope your studies go well and well done to Leo for a good school report.

  3. ohhhh yes i remember the days of Jenson grabbing Burton's track last January (2012) hee hee. he still breaks it up even now though so i think that's just a younger sibling thing! Well done again to Leo on his schooling, and I love the photo where the background is blurred and you just focus on him in the middle. and his face in the bottom photo is hilarious lol x

  4. I love the fact that he is wanting to teach you Greek - clever boy.
    I know that last expression very well!

  5. I can't believe how much Louka is moving around! And I adore that photo of Leo in the classroom, you must have been so proud.

    Thanks for linking up.


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