Thursday, 28 March 2013

Party planning fun

I've always been a party girl, loved any excuse to get dressed up, have a drink or three and dance until my feet hurt but it's not just the party bit that's the fun part for me, I love every aspect of the planning and the run up to it as well.

Nowadays, it's all about the kids and that involves less debates over which outfit to wear, who's going to be there and less alcohol and instead it's all about the cake, the games, the party bags and decorations! I have great memories of my birthday parties as a child, and loved the excitement of the weeks leading up to it, from writing the invites and choosing the theme, although I think I had the same theme (Care bears) for several years in a row! From pass the parcel, to musical chairs and helping to fill party bags I loved every bit of it and I hope my boys will enjoy all their birthday parties as much as I did.

This year for the first time Leo is on a proper countdown to his birthday which is in May, most of his friends are now four and he is now fed up with being three years old!

Last year there was no debate over a theme to choose for his party, it could not have been anything but a Thomas the Tank Engine party. I got Leo involved with the preparations, and in the week before we made a red and blue train banner and train shaped cookies together.  My Mum helped as well making a train for the buffet table among other bits and pieces.

This year I was initally stuck for a good theme that he would really appreciate as his favourite thing was still Thomas and I was trying to decide before my recent trip to the UK in case I saw any party stuff to buy. My first thought was a 'Mike the Knight' theme as that sounded quite cool but he started asking for a Buzz Lightyear party.

That was before the sudden love of Spiderman developed, this was quite a surprise for me as he'd never seen Spiderman but all the kids have gone mad for him! It comes from school and its all he talks about at the moment (although I'm pleased we still haven't left Thomas behind yet).  I can't say I'm enjoying the Spiderman craze that much as it involves me being 'webbed' constantly but after a quick search on Pinterest I've decided it's actually a really cool party theme!

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I like to have a party or an event coming up to think about and plan for, as those who know me will confirm, as soon as something has happened I can't help but plan for the next one, I've even got a theme in mind for Louka's birthday in August!

I’ve had many types of jobs over the years but I’m starting to think that party planning would be ideal for me, after all there are so many options but only so many parties you can have yourself!


  1. Wow I wish you lived in my country (Turkey) I would definitely hire you - I don't mind the planning bit so much but I wish there was someone else to organise all the games and stuff. I get really intimidated standing up in front of a load of kids (six or eight years old in my case) and trying to get them excited / listen / teach how to play /enthusiastic. Especially when there are other parents there. If there was someone else to take on this responsibility I would more than happily pay for it. So far as I know there is no one in my area who does it, beyond the people at McDonalds.

  2. That is fab! I've got a pirates theme for The Boy's fourth birthday, my Pinterest board is amazingly challenging.


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