Friday, 22 March 2013

Louka at 6 months

Today I went to visit my friend Sam who gave birth to her second baby on Monday,  I had a cuddle with the gorgeous little Jaxon and could not help but marvel how small he is, although weighing slightly less than Louka did it seemed to me that surely Louka could never have been that small!

How could I have forgotten already, he's only just over 6 months old!

Surely this was only yesterday?

He's growing so fast, now sitting up, rolling all over the place, grabbing everything and anything he can get his hands on to shove in his mouth and has the most infectious laugh ever. 

Now, at less than 7 months, we've changed his car seat - I don't make small babies and unfortunately that means they grow out of everything usually too early. 

I took a photo of his last outing in the original and couldn't help but compare it to the first time he was in it...

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  1. I look at mine and wonder where the time has gone

  2. i dont make small babies or boys either!!! where does the time go Emma? Jenson will be two on saturday - its flown by. do you find things pass by quicker with the second child? i think it has. he is such a happy little boy isnt he? gorgeous x

  3. I've just looked back 18 mths on my Flashback Friday and can't believe how quickly they grow. I see newborns every week through volunteering and I can't believe my boys were ever that small!


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