Dino Lingo - Language Learning for Kids (Review)

Regular readers will know that I am very interested in learning the Greek language and helping Leo to learn it (or having him help me which is increasingly the case now!) I've been learning Greek now via many different methods for several years now but although I always encourage Leo, I don't want to try and teach him myself as I don't wish to confuse him by not telling him things correctly.

Greek is not one of the most common languages when it comes to learning materials, and is often not one of the languages available  so I was really pleased to see that Dino Lingo - Language for kids have not left it out!

We recently received a set of Dino Lingo Greek DVDs and they have gone down very well so far.

Using the top 200 words and phrases from the chosen language Dino Lingo is a fun way to introduce your child to a second language.  Using cute dinosaur characters (which do a really funky little dance, that Leo and I both copy each time it comes on!)  and colourful animation children (and adults!) start to learn without even realising it.

At first I thought it a bit slow going, was surprised to see frequent gaps with no vocabulary being shown, and some of the animation seemed a little random but the fact that Leo has asked to see them again and again proves that I know nothing! I realised it's probably exactly this that keeps the children's interest and this method certainly works.  Although Leo is now learning Greek at school I've noticed that since watching these DVDs he's speaking a lot more and he says the words along with the TV each time.

The package is aimed at 2 - 7 year olds and I wish I'd discovered them a couple of years ago. I think they hold the most appeal for the younger children of that age range but would certainly be helpful for any child learning a language.   Even Louka at 6 months old is captivated by the colours and music.

The full home education set contains not only 5 DVDs but 150 flashcards, a vocabulary book, 10 posters, colouring book, soft toy, parents guide, a Greek flag and a CD of Greek children's songs. After seeing Leo enjoy the DVDs I would not hesitate in buying the full package, especially if he had not yet started school.   It's also not as expensive as I originally imagined, it's $159.95  which works out to about £100 at the current exchange rate - not bad considering how much it contains compared to other products I've seen.

Of course, it's not just Greek that is available  Dino Lingo comes in over 40 different languages. They ship all over the world, and currently have a 10% discount available when you type the coupon code 'Paddy' at checkout.   They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

To visit Dino Lingo, and see a free sample lesson head to www.dinolingo.com

Greek Language learning children

I received a set of DVDs for the purpose of review but the opinions are all my own.


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