Thursday, 7 March 2013

A new star shines in the sky tonight #MatildaMae

When I started blogging over three years ago I never imagined I was joining a community of such amazing people.  People who may or may not have met in real life but never the less often consider each other to be friends, there are hundreds of parent/ mum / whatever the hell you want to call them, and although they don't always see eye to eye it is nothing short of amazing when they get together and join forces for something. 

Last month Jennie from Edspire had to face the unimaginable when her 9 month old baby Matilda Mae passed away in her sleep. Although I've never met Jennie, or even know her very well online it I really felt for her and with tears in my eyes read all the beautifully written posts that she has written to help her come to terms with such a terrible thing.  

Today was Matilda Mae's funeral and the blogging community have come together to support Jennie and her family in an outstanding way.  Hundreds of bloggers changed their avatars on facebook and twitter and lit up everyones timelines with the shining star. 

Many people were wearing pink and purple as requested by Jennie, and joined in with blowing bubbles with their children this afternoon. We did as well...

There have been so many lovely posts written in tribute to a beautiful girl whose life was too short and they are so much better than anything I could say as I have no words but Jennie has said how much of a comfort it has been to know that so many people have been thinking of them so although there is nothing I could possibly say or do to take the pain away that she must be feeling, I hope that it brings some comfort that Matilda Mae is being thought of in this part of the world as well as all over the UK. 

People have been donating to 'Matilda Mae Precious Star Fund' for Bliss,  set up with a inital target of £100 the fund is now sitting at just under £3000 - another amazing achievement by this brilliant community. 

Tonight I will be turning off the laptop and giving my boys and extra big hug, I will stand on my balcony and look to the stars knowing that they must be shining a little brighter tonight.


  1. What a beautiful post. I have been over-awed at the support in the blogging community both this past month and at the end of last year. Xx

  2. MidlifeSinglemum7 March 2013 at 22:38

    And a little further east, I did the same in Jerusalem. xxx

  3. beautiful post Emma and lovely photos of the bubbles. i have been thinking of them all day today, so so sad x x

  4. Jennie's story has touched me so much that even reading the other blogger's posts about it makes me cry. Beautiful post, having joined this particular blogosphere just a few months ago i am amazed at how supportive everyone has been to fellow bloggers.


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