Thursday, 14 February 2013

Learning to read together

Ever since Leo started using the Reading Eggs website (an online world where children learn to read) back in September of last year it has remained one of his favourite activities, he even abandoned the Thomas and Friends website for it, and last week he has completed lesson 120!

Reading eggs taught 3 year old to read
Too busy looking at his certificate to look at the camera!
We usually did the lessons together as he found it a lot more fun that way, I doubt he would have finished them in that time on his own especially as they got harder towards the end, but he has amazed me with how well he has done considering he is only 3 still!

I would now say that thanks to Reading Eggs, Leo can actually read - for a while I thought he was maybe just remembering the words of stories we have read many times but he's reading things everywhere, on signs, packets, from the television and is quite happy to try and work out what a word says by sounding it out if he doesn't recognise it.

The main appeal of the program for Leo was the 'eggs' that open after each lesson, each one containing a funny little character. He loved to go back over all the previous lessons and look at all the ones he had 'won'.

Towards the end I told him that I was very proud of him that he was so good at his reading and made a offhand remark that soon he would be writing too,  he asked me 'you mean like writing letters?'  I said that when you know how to write letters, you can then write words and when you can write words you can make sentences from them and if you put all the sentences together you could write a book - he looked amazed and said 'Wow, like my books. I could write a story?  That would be clever!'

At first he was a little disappointed when he realised there were no more maps, until he discovered all the other things you can do with the program, read (and write) stories, play games, puzzles there are tons of things to keep him busy!  I printed the certificate off for him and he proudly stuck it on his bedroom door and shows everyone who comes in!

He can't quite do it all on his own now as the program has now put him at a reading age of a 7 year old due to him finishing the lessons but he got there with assistance. Although I never answered the questions for him I sometimes re-read the instructions or sounded out the words slowly to help him work it out. He still loves it though and I'm happy to do it with him as he is still learning all the time.

I absolutely love Reading Eggs and as I said before would recommend it to anyone, especially anyone whose child does not go to an English speaking school!

For a free trial of Reading Eggs visit  - trust me its worth its weight in gold!

I was provided with a subscription to Reading Eggs for the purpose of the review I posted back in September but love it so much I decided to write this follow up post.

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