L is for Leo and Louka

I've not joined in with many Gallery prompts this year so far except last weeks which was 'Girls' when I wrote about my best girlies who I'll be off to see later today for the first time in years (did I mention I'm quite excited!) Obviously the logical prompt to follow that was going to be Boys and I couldn't miss that one, especially as I'll be leaving them behind while I make my flying visit to the UK!

If you'd have asked me many years ago what my preference would be I'd have no doubt said I'd like  girl, especially if I had already had a boy, but I really couldn't imagine it any other way now. I love my boys to bits and couldn't imagine a girly world of pink and fluffy anymore. I never expected I'd know all the engines from Thomas or be so familiar with Bob and Mike the Knight and I hate to admit it but Aaron may have a point - boys stuff is cooler than girls!

It's going to be very strange spending five days away from them and I do feel sorry for Leo, worrying slightly that he will miss me - I also feel sorry for Aaron dealing with them on his own, even though that's what I'll be doing all summer!   It's not long though and before I know it I'll be craving an hours peace again!


  1. i so adore that photo of you and your gorgeous boys Emma, you look so happy and at ease. i agree with all that you have said funnily enough. i didnt realise that you were coming to the UK on your own - wowsers!! you will have fun x x

  2. I also adore that photo of you and the boys. You look so happy and so proud.
    I hope you have a lovely break and that you don't miss the boys too much xx


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