Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feeding time!

Now Louka has turned 6 months, it's that time again!

We were very kindly sent a large collection of HiPP Organic products to try out, an experience which was all new to me as I'd only done 'Baby Led Weaning' (BLW) with Leo .

I must admit I was a little bemused by some of the products -a jar called 'My First Banana being one of the them, now I can understand a mix of fruit or vegetables being convenient in a jar but surely anyone could mash a banana!

So, with a little hesitation I decided to try some out with Louka last week. BLW still seems the logical way to go for me so it all did feel a little alien to me and I even emailed the lovely lady who sent it all to us clarifying the 'right' way to do it!

Starting with the baby rice, (which after following the instructions on the packet I ended up with a huge bowl of the stuff - much more than even Leo could have eaten!)  It went well, although with my BLW head on I 'had' to give him the spoon when he reached for it so did end up a little bit messy!

He happily had a couple of spoonfuls, looking a bit bemused by the new experience and then just like Leo took the spoon straight out of my hand. Unlike Leo though he got it pretty much straight to his mouth (I'm sure Leo didn't manage that for a long time).

Leo was very interested in what was going on and wanted to feed him too, he was surprisingly good at it!

We've also tried the Banana cereal, Mixed Vegetables and Carrot and Potato and My First Apple, all where slightly more popular than the baby rice was - which is not surprising, it can't be particularly yummy whatever way you look at it!   I'm glad to have had the opportunity to try these products as spoon feeding a baby was a first for me, and I didn't realise that HiPP Organic in Cyprus has such a wide range so it's good to know that a 'recognisable brand' is available in several varieties.

If I was to purely feed Louka with purees, although I'd probably make most myself, I would certainly be using HiPP Organic food when out and about, not just for convenience (although if I'm honest that's the main reason I do anything!)  but because you can be sure it is very good quality food.

I was sent the above products for review but the views and opinions are all my own.

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