The first day of the rest of my life!

I love the expression 'The first day of the rest of your life' and although technically every day is today certainly felt like it.  Usually I hate January with a passion but currently this one is looking all good. Today I rejoined Slimming World, at a new group (new to me, not the area).  It's within walking distance as was my old group in the UK which is good as you get that little bit of extra exercise on the way!

Slimming World Food optimising plan
They seem like a nice bunch of people there which makes all the difference when it comes to wanting to go along each week. I already know 3 of the ladies who go so it's even better. I tried to get back on the plan after Louka was born and lost 1/2 stone but I was struggling a little without the support of a group. It really does make all the difference going along each week - people have often said I don't need to go as I know the plan so well but it just doesn't work as well.

I KNOW Slimming World works, and I know it works really well if you do it right, but that means going to a group, and also STAYING to the group. In my experience those who only 'weigh and go' never do as well as those who stay so it's good to find a group which suits you. As my old consultant said 'Those that stay lose the weight, those that don't lose interest'.

In case you hadn't gathered I'm quite excited about it! Now I'm done with having babies and I've got jeans I haven't worn for over 3 years I'd like to get back into - I've just got to do it one more time!

I started the EA Sports '6 week challenge' last week on the Wii, which I have not completed before and has been on my '101 list' for ages!

It was also the first Greek lesson after the Christmas break and I really enjoyed getting stuck back into it. Finally I actually feel that by the end of 2013 I might actually be able to have a decent conversation in Greek!


  1. Sounds like you've got off to an excellent start. I'm not sure what good luck is in Greek, but, good luck! X

  2. i am struggling without a group to be weighed in each week as i did before. i need that discipline really, its just the cost of attending each week. you sound so positive and energised so i know you will succeed. good luck and yaaay to you x x

  3. Such an uplifting post. I can sense your excitement. Thanks so much for linking up.
    Liska xx

  4. Such an uplifting post. I can sense your excitement. Thanks so much for linking up.
    Liska xx

  5. Hello from Corfu!

    Good luck on slimming world! I'm more of a Weight watchers person after losing 1 1/2 stone on it a few years ago. Trying to find motivation again now. There's no groups here to keep me on track!

    Kali epitihia!!

  6. Good luck with Slimming World!! Keep us posted with how you get on!

    Sim at Sim's Life


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