Leo's thoughts on Christmas

I'm not sure what the average 3 year old thinks about Christmas but I wondered what Leo could remember about it all so we asked him at the end of November.  I would imagine that if we were in England some answers would be a bit different.....

What is happening next month?
Mardi, (Aaron's Mum) Tomas and James are coming to Cyprus.

Yes, but what else?
Don't know.

It's Christmas next month, What does Christmas mean?
Don't know (this is a very common answer, to many questions as you may have gathered!)

What do we see at Christmas?
Father Christmas

Do you know what happens at Christmas time?
We put a tree up and put lights on it.

At this point he turned to my Dad and asked him what happens, he replied 'We eat a lot of yummy food'   Then Dad said 'Maybe you will get some presents'  Leo turned to Aaron and I with a questioning look on his face  and Aaron said jokingly 'Ooh I don't think there be presents, not at Christmas'

Leo looked back to my Dad laughing and said 'No Grandad, not presents silly'   Feeling a bit mean I told him he probably would get a present. I then asked him if he knew what Father Christmas did...
He makes a noise.   (really!)

What noise does he make?
He rings a bell. 

What else does he do?
Don't know.

What would you like for Christmas?

Anything else?
A chocolate egg   (may be getting a bit confused with Easter here!)

Anything that's not chocolate?
Some cake  (he's not deprived of sweet things honest!)

Ok, anything that's not food!?
A chocolate milkshake

How about something that's not food or drink?
um, play, I want to play.      I want a Percy  (we'd temporarily lost his Percy engine and he thought it had gone forever)

Assuming that we find Percy (we did a little later!) is there a different toy or something you might like?
I'd like a Diesel (one of the engines he doesn't have)

He then suddenly declared...
I want to wear a bakers hat, erm no a Smurf hat.

Do you mean a Father Christmas hat?
Yes like in the photo.  (talking about a photo taken 2 years ago of him in his baby walker wearing a Santa hat)

He also mentioned the singing Father Christmas that we have and remembered exactly where it was last year, I'm still amazed that he could remember that but made no mention of presents!

I guess this is where it would be different living in England as there are no adverts here for him to see, shops are unlike the UK where I would have been going to the high street and big supermarkets etc.   He doesn't actually know what there is to want so his only answers are things he knows or sometimes things his friends have.  I know it won't last forever but I love the fact he is excited about Christmas but without a huge expectation.


  1. I love his answers! What a sweet little guy and I hope he gets his Diesel! Reia from www.southcountrysides.blogspot.com

  2. I have had a word with Santa about the Diesel ;)

  3. hee hee Leo makes a great santa! it always amazes me what children can remember , i recall after Burton's 2nd christmas for ages after the tree had been removed he would point to where it had stood and even though he couldn't talk back then, i new what he was telling me. and i am laughing at how he would like chocolate egg, ok chocolate oh well a cake then! sounds like my gift list ha ha x


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