Friday, 28 December 2012

Flashback Friday - Looking back at 2012

It's been an interesting year, it started with Aaron at home looking for work, then had him working 7 days a week for the whole summer whilst I got increasingly large and waddled around waiting to give birth. Leo started school, and in August we welcomed Loukas and our little family became complete.  I decided to look back over the year with my favourite blog post and one photo from each month. 

Daxi awards
A rare night out for the Daxi Award Ceremony
In January I made the announcement that I was expecting our second baby,
beach path, Landa bay, Cyprus
An afternoon stroll
In February I had got used to the idea of a new baby and I was really happy to have found a doula. 

teddy bear picnic party
Mum's Birthday
In March I shared the story of my Mum's little travelling companion and introduced Travel ted to the world!
its a boy, pregnancy anouncement

In April, we found out that our new addition was going to be another boy and I wrote about how it felt we were entering a  new chapter in our life.

3rd birthday
Birthday boy!
In May, Leo turned three and I wrote him his annual letter, he enjoyed a Thomas the Tank engine themed birthday party and a day out and a ride on a miniature train!
in the pool
We spent every day in here!
In June there was an big change when Leo started school, from being at home with me all his life straight into full time school.
wooden train tracks
Another day, another track!
In July, my lovely friend Sam threw me a great baby shower and I was starting to get very fed up with being pregnant in the heat!
Birth of our baby boy
Loukas Alexander arrives
Just before Loukas was born in August I looked back at the 'good old days'

Dad and the boys
Daddy and his boys.
In September I started a new tradition -  interview with 3yr old.  I wonder how his answers will change when he is four!
first smile

In October, I finally got round to writing my birth story, it took me three blog posts but I was really pleased to have such a great experience recorded for posterity.

end of season
Spending lots of time with Daddy
November saw the end of season and Aaron finally got to properly meet Louka, and spend time with us all again.
family photo
A rare family photo.
December was a very busy month, with lots of Christmas activities and a lovely visit from Aaron's Mum and two of his nephews. Early in the month I asked Leo what he knew about Christmas and was quite surprised by his answers!

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  1. I remember how worried you were when you first found out you were pregnant because Aaron was out of work and the money was running out. Fast forward a few months and Aaron was working more than full time and you have a gorgeous new baby. I love it how these things always work themselves out. Hoping 2013 is equally as successful, exciting and happy for you all. xxx

  2. Lovely article - what a year! Thanks for pinning my blog on pinterest. I appreciate it :)

  3. and you got your hair cut!!
    awww Emma what an amazing year you have all had and i am so chuffed that you told me about your second pregnancy so early on. i am soooo pleased for you that things worked out so well in the end despite all your concerns. heres hoping 2013 is bigger and better x x

  4. What a brilliant year you have had.

    Happy New Year and all the best for a happy and healthy 2013 for you all xxx

  5. Can't believe I forgot to mention getting my hair cut! It seems like a lifetime ago when I was talking to you about my pregnancy - and panicking!

  6. Your 52 journey has been one of my most favourite because of the physical change that's happened to you and your family. Thank you for sharing it. I adore that photo of you and your husband!

    Thanks for linking up.


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