Monday, 17 December 2012

Deryneia Christmas Avenue

It's often said by expats here in Cyprus that Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas, there's several reasons for this, blue skies being one of them but also not being surrounded by family and friends, not seeing Christmas adverts and programs on the TV and the fact that it is not so 'in your face' as in the UK.  The first couple of years we were here we struggled to find things to do with a Christmas theme, friends of mine who have been here for years say that only 6 or so years ago there was nothing at all.

It seems to be changing though, Agia Napa has several events including the switching on of the lights and a visit from Santa and this year there seems to have been a lot more Christmas fairs and such like.  Last weekend I was really looking forward to the 'Deryneia Christmas Avenue' event held in our village. 

It sounded brilliant...
A very large section of road closed off to traffic from 11am till 8pm with stalls and entertainment throughout the day.  Games for children, photos with Santa and rides on Santa's train (that was what did it for me knowing how much Leo would like it!) Aaron did warn me that usually events we have been to are somewhat disappointing so I was interested to see how it would turn out. 

We arranged to meet a couple of friends and their children there, meeting at 1pm so we could have lunch beforehand. 

The event was held to help out the shopkeepers on that stretch of road who have had a hard year due to huge roadworks as well as the financial crisis. 

It turned out to be a great afternoon and we stayed for several hours.  I thought there was a great atmosphere,  (although there is a chance that could have been influenced by all free drinks!) and I think it has great potential as an event for future years. 

I heard a few people say they were not hugely impressed but you can't please everyone! There is certainly room for improvement if they make it an annual event but for a first time we thought it was very good.  As with many things here I think it would benefit from a bit more promotion as it seemed to be announced only a couple of days beforehand, there was also very large sections of road with nothing in them which made quite a distance to walk between stalls. 

The train, obviously was the highlight for Leo, but he also enjoyed the bouncy castle and the free craft table where he made a stocking and a Christmas tree. There was plenty of free food and drinks, bottles of whisky, vodka, wine, juices and fizzy drinks to help yourself too outside the shops all along the street whilst looking at the shops or browsing their stalls. 

There was also face painting, fashion shows, dancing, carol singing, go-karts, wine and cheese tasting, cocktail making demonstration, and plenty more throughout the day. 

A photo studio was offering photos with Santa for €5 which included a calendar, print and a balloon and goodie bag for the child. 

We got this gorgeous photo....

Unfortunately I can't even remember the name of the studio! (although I do know where it is!) - I think they missed a trick by not putting their name at least on the envelopes they gave out the photos in!

All in all, we had a great time and I really hope that next year they repeat it and make it bigger and better!


  1. Thanks for
    the comments. It’s good to know your opinion

  2. Gorgeous photos-especially you and the boys with 'Greek santa'-so lovely seeing Cyprus all Christmassy too-I only ever go in the summer.


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