Christmas Eve Snuggle Sack

Last year was the first year that Leo got excited about Christmas, admittedly he still didn't know exactly what was going on but he certainly got the excitement. I've always loved Christmas and have looked forward to having our own family Christmasses for a long time so I was really excited about developing our own traditions that the boys will grow up with.

So last Christmas I made the first 'Snuggle Sack' created after seeing this post over on Thinly Spread.

Christmas Eve, sack, presents
The idea of the snuggle sack is for it to be a family event unlike the stockings the boys will have one each of the following morning.

Last year it contained.....

A Christmas DVD (think it was The Polar Express)
A Christmas story book
New pyjamas for Leo
Chocolate for us all to share
Hot chocolate sachet for each of us
Some Christmas themed colouring pages (found online and printed)
A hanging decoration - (sign saying 'Santa stop here, Leo has been good')

It was great fun giving Leo the sack to open up, and we'll be doing it again this year, I will have a new Christmas film and book for it as last years got put into our Advent box to enjoy over the month of December.

My Mum has revamped the decoration from last year to include Louka's name so the same one will go back in and then we will hang it up so Santa can see it and know to stop here :)

The idea is not to give more presents or take anything away from the magic of the following morning, but to make the evening just a little more special by presenting what could be quite ordinary (pyjamas, chocolate etc) in an exciting way.

This year I might also add the carrot for Rudolph to it as well - last year we completely forgot to leave Santa his mince pie and whisky before Leo went to bed so it might remind me!


  1. I don't have a snuggle sack, there's a box of toys and books in the dining room for him to pour over and we're doing oodles of crafts. On Christmas Eve we will make the gingerbread house, watch Polar Express and he'll open a present from Edward the Elf who will be returning to Father Christmas to help him deliver his presents. Then I will wrap all the presents while watching 'Love, Actually' and getting blotto on Bailey's.

  2. I'm loving all your crafts, I've not been that organised! I'll be on the baileys too but I can't be doing with wrapping on Christmas Eve because I always get bored of it and I won't be able to stop then!

  3. i love this idea and may well be adopting something very similar!! just a shame we have had to move right now which has meant that we havent put any decorations or the tree up yet and i havent been able to get all my festive things in place yet. enjoy your snuggling time x x


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