Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day fun and madness

Whilst getting ready for our Boxing day walk in the sunshine I happened to mention to my Dad that a friend of mine had been asking a few days earlier if anyone was up for a Boxing Day swim.  Straight away he replied 'Why not, I'd do it'

I was surprised (although I don't know why) but without thinking I smiled and 'ok, lets do it then'   Aaron thought we were mad and I'm sure many people would agree with him, (especially my friend Sam who is such a wimp she won't get in a pool by the end of September!)  but I figured if hundreds of mad people survive a swim in the Channel at this time of year then in 22 degree sunshine it shouldn't be too bad. 

It was bloody cold though, as you can probably tell by how I'm holding my arms on the way in!  I did swim but not for long, Dad on the other hand was in quite a while.  We did have a few funny looks from people walking along the beach path, and we even got asked by some Russian tourists if they could take our photo!

Leo stuck his foot in the water and like a true child of Cyprus decided it was too cold. He did have great fun running around on the deserted beach though, the sand was almost snow like when we got there, all smooth and untouched.  Great for making patterns and footprints!

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  1. Oh for some of your sunshine, we are bathed in rain again this week, it does feel a little relentless now. Even with a wet suit I didn't have a Christmas dip this year! Love the hats and what a wonderful feeling to swim on boxing day even if it was just a dip. A ray of sunshine indeed reading your post! Thank you for linking up with me on Country Kids from a washed out UK!

  2. Learned many years ago that even though we have days of 22 degrees in the winter, a winter 22 degrees is not the same as a summer 22 degrees. Glad you enjoyed your swim though - you mad Brits.

  3. well done Emma !!! love how you swam wearing your Santa hat!

    the pics of Leo enjoying the sand are lovely and yet odd seeing him just wearing his vest and pants in sunshine when over here its all warm clothes and rain coats!! xx

  4. Generally I love the snow and colder weather at Christmas, but one year a sunny Christmas would be fun.

  5. Omg the beach in November was cold enough without getting in the sea!! Love the hats.

  6. Oh I'm so jealous of you guys for being able to have your child stripped to vest and pants on 25th December 2012. hope you enjoyed your paddle!

    Popping over from Country Kids


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