Twinkl Learning Resources (Review)

As you probably know Leo recently started attending a local Cypriot school, despite my worries about how he would get on, he is doing really well and picking up the Greek language at an amazing pace. His teacher seems to be pleased with how he is understanding even though he's not speaking it yet (although he is speaking it a lot at home)  and I was very proud of him on the first couple of weeks when he was asked to copy over some dotted lines and he did it perfectly - she looked quite surprised and said 'He understands what to do??'   I explained we've done similar things at home.

I believe here in Cyprus that they don't start to teach the children English at school until the age of 8 (I could be wrong) and I would also expect to give Leo extra help if he is to be at the same standard as if he had been in England as it is obviously a second language in school.  It's brilliant that his Greek is coming along but sooner or later I guess his English will start to suffer.

From a very early age we've done lots of learning together, none of it particularly structured if at all and from that he now enjoys 'learning books' as he calls them.  (Activity, writing, reading, 'educational' sticker books etc) They are quite hard to find out here, unlike in the UK where you can pick them up all over the place and if you do find them here they are not cheap!

I was therefore really pleased to find Twinkl - a website with over 68,000 resources for primary teaching. It's used by teachers and home schoolers but has a huge amount that parents can use as well, and is especially handy if like us you are trying to make sure English does not accidentally become a second language.

The parents section is really easy to use, and has everything from craft ideas, worksheets, certificates to print, colouring pages and activities.

There is a  'School Preparation' pack, recipes and a brilliant Reading and Writing pack, which is the one we are using first as Leo is loving learning to read at the moment.

There are resources available on the site without a subscription but for £29.99 a year (just over £2.50 a month)  you can access the whole range of over 68,000 resources ad you can download them quickly and easily by using the 'resource pack feature' - very handy for me as I couldn't even decide what to download first!

I'm loving the site, and Leo is enjoying the activities. I am pleased to have come across Twinkl as its certainly solved one of our problems!

I was provided a premium suscription to Twinkl but the thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


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