Puddle Jumping fun

One of Leo's favourite books over the summer was 'a Winne the Pooh one  - Where does the rain puddle go'.  We read it every day for weeks and he kept asking to put his welly boots on and go jumping in the rain puddles.  He was quite disappointed that it wasn't going to rain for several months!

We've had a few odd days of rain now so he was very excited to finally get to do it.

We only went over to the bit of wasteland next to our apartment but he had a great time.  It was brilliant to see how much fun he was having as we'd never done it before!  He was a bit concerned by how deep it was in places, as when it rains here it rains a lot!

We were out for almost an hour while he stomped up and down through them all,  he was quite interested by the snails everywhere but the highlight seemed to be finding an orange had fallen off the tree to kick through the water!

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  1. Well I wish sometimes that I could complain that we don't have enough puddles to jump in! Puddle jumping is so much fun and makes the rain not so bad!

  2. what great fun!!! its so funny to think that we get puddles all the time and you dont get hardly any!!! what a cheap way to spend an hour and its great that he was inspired to do it by reading the Winnie The Poo story. xx

  3. I did this with my son and was amazed how long it kept him entertained, it's fair to say we have easier access to puddles than you do though!


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