More than just a Mum

Everyone who I have met since moving to Cyprus knows me as Leo's Mum, or Aaron's wife, or maybe they don't really know me as either, just that slightly mad blogger who's all over facebook! They  don't know the 'me' that my friends from the UK know, the one that could stay up past 10pm without falling asleep mid conversation, the one who could dance to something other than the Hokey Cokey or the theme tune to Thomas, the one that could drink a lot more than a couple of vodkas before falling over.

I am more than just a Mum, in fact once upon a time I was a superhero!  (and a very slim one as well!)

Once upon a time I used to go out at least twice a week,
I used to love a good drink and could cope with the hangovers.
I loved nothing more than a good party and lived for the weekends.
I would dance until I could hardly walk, or stay up all night talking rubbish and playing silly games.
I ate kebabs on park benches and had random conversations with people at cab ranks.
I stayed overnight at a whole host of different friends houses slept on sofas camp beds or curled up on uncomfortable armchairs,
I ate many a McDonalds breakfast on the way home on a Sunday morning.
I saw the sun come up with a beer in my hand and then slept until dinner time.

I meet people now and they know only the 'mum' me, the one who mainly talks about children or nights out that happened years ago. I feel quite old and 'mumsy' when I go to the pub and have to repress the urge to tell everyone 'I used to be able to do this, I can be fun too'!   It probably doesn't help that our 'local', the pub where we know everyone (well, Aaron does as he plays pool there)  is in Agia Napa, one of Europe's biggest party towns,  but I do feel a bit out of place when I go there.

My friends here in Cyprus are mainly fellow Mum's as we have the most in common and once you have kids it's who you tend to meet.  But I am more than just a Mum and I reckon the party girl is still in there somewhere!

Linking up to Kate's 'More than just a Mum' meme  and Lauren and Jenny's Flashback Friday

I am me


  1. MidlifeSinglemum9 November 2012 at 20:42

    I also found loads of party pics from 'before'. Now my idea of a night out is taking my coffee onto the balcony.

  2. Brilliant post! Great to see you were a party diva! Lovely to let you hair down, isn't it funny how your tolerance for alcohol goes out the window when you become a mum?!

  3. i could have written this Emma, although I very rarely go out or drink any alcohol nowadays! you look stunning in your photos and look like you are having a right laugh! i feel boring and frumpy most days too. when i think back to what i used to get up to - no one would believe me now!
    thanks for linking up x x

  4. I'm only a new mum but having moved from Brazil to the UK 6 years ago somehow I felt like that for quite a while now. At the moment I only miss having a proper night's sleep but I hear ya!

  5. Whoa look at you! Super cool Super hero!

  6. Oh my word, look how switswoo you were! I'm using this as my inspiration for this week's Flashback Friday

  7. I know exactly what you mean with this. We moved to Switzerland with my job - from a manufacturing plant to the head office - and I recently handed my notice in. My leaving lunch was a very sedate affair with lots of comments about being pleasant, funny, hardworking, a mum, etc. Flashback to my leaving do from the plant and it was all about being so drunk on a Thursday night that I used to have to ring round my colleagues for one of them to pick me up on the Friday morning, playing practical jokes, wearing a supergirl outfit way too often (I'd make a good sidekick for your batgirl) and things like that. I think my friends here who only know me from work or from being James' mum would have any clue of my life before. It's strange, isn't it. Thanks for linking this post up. It's brilliant.

  8. Fab post, I think we sometimes we all forget with the all the chaos around :-) xx

  9. Just sitting down to read all these #morethanjustamum posts. They are all fab. I think all of our new 'Mummy' friends would be surprised about who we really are.


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