Tuesday, 6 November 2012

In the blink of an eye

I know the newborn days go quickly but I'm still amazed that Louka is over 2 months old already!

Considering how much I had worried about I would cope with two children, especially with Aaron being at work so much it's not been too bad (although I have had a lot of help from my parents)

I wondered while pregnant if I would miss my bump as I did after Leo was born but I can honestly say I really really don't! I was so hot and uncomfortable this summer that I often thought it was going to finish me off!

Leo has taken to his brother really well, which is great as it was something else I had worried about. He's sometime a bit heavy handed and likes to wake him up all the time, I feel like I'm saying 'Leave him alone' or 'GENTLY Leo!' a hundred times a day, but it's   pretty much all affection!

So far Louka has been a fairly chilled baby, I guess it's a second child thing added to the fact there were four adults around when Leo was born so he always got seen to straight away. Several times for example I've been surprised to see him go to sleep on his own after just a short while of shouting and fussing, something that never got to happen with Leo!

He's going to be a big strapping lad weighing 6.5kg (14.3lb) at 8 weeks and now at 10 weeks is almost out of his 0-3 month size clothes, no surprise there though as Leo was the same.  He's all full of smiles now and has been for a while - though I don't actually know when the first smile was, which is surprising -I didn't expect to be such a bad blogger Mummy and not record it.

I've enjoyed these early days more than I did with Leo in the way that I've been a lot more relaxed, before Leo was born I'd never changed a nappy or really ever spent any time with babies. I used to over analyse everything and try and predict what he would do and when he would do it. This time I'm much much better at going with the flow!  I had often thought it would be nice to do it all again with that little bit more experience so it's lovely that I've been able to.


  1. awww it really is a blinking of an eye (I used this saying at the end of my FF post this week- we are twins!). i LOVE that first photo of Louka what a cutie pie! It sounds like Leo does all the things Burton did when Jenson was very small, he was always waking his brother up too! (still does really) lovely update post x

  2. Oh wow, already? Looking at that picture, I'm convinced he's playing that smile especially for the camera. I adore that picture of the three of you sprawled out.


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