Flashback Friday - Facebook photos

Over the years, even in the days before digital cameras I was always the one with the camera, I love photos and was one of the few people in my circle of friends who photos from every party or special event. I would rarely see photos from other people and its always a treat to suddenly see a photo someone else took a long time ago.

Of course back in the day, photos were not taken as frequently as they are now and they certainly were not as easy to share!  It's one of the reasons I love facebook so much and the other day while I was having a look back at photos I'd been tagged in I came across one I don't remember seeing before. 

Summer 2010
I was really pleased to find it so I kept scrolling down through the photos I'm tagged in, most of them were my own photos as I take so many I recognise them all but every now and again I found one that wasn't so familiar.  

It's like a little snapshot of a moment I'd forgotten, and nice to have some photos of myself with Leo as usually I'm behind the camera. Often the candid non-posed photos are the best

Summer 2011
Not forgetting Louka of course!


  1. Lovely photos. I don't go anywhere without my camera or if I do, I use the camera in my phone. I love taking photos.

  2. I love the photos, they are so natural. I am the same though..I'm always the one with a camera!

  3. this is a lovely flashback !! i really love the one of you and Leo in the pool - so natural and genuine. xx

  4. Gorgeous pictures, love looking at old photos and reminscing!

  5. Really loved post Emma. I regularly look through my old photos (and other peoples) and think Facebook is great for this reason.
    The photo of you and Leo from Summer 2011 is really lovely xx

  6. Gorgeous! I'm like you and usually the one behind the camera. I don't tend to find many photos of me that I didn't know unfortunately.


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