Christmas Advent Box

'Tis the season to be jolly.......

Have you got your advent calenders at the ready?   

Today I am officially excited about Christmas, I will now stop moaning about the songs being played or people putting up decorations (although ours will not go up for another week at least). 

Last year I started a collection of Christmas 'stuff'.  Christmas books, films, crafty bits etc for Leo with the idea that I would bring the same things out each year (probably adding to them along the way) as part of our family Christmas tradition.    As I've said before I LOVE Christmas but I only love it in December and because of that I don't want to be watching 'The Snowman' or reading 'Mr Christmas' in August. So it all goes away with the decorations. 

This year I decided I would bring it out with the advent calendar so Leo had plenty of time to enjoy watching all the films and reading the books. To make it a bit more exciting I thought I'd make a special box for Leo to open.

Using a shoebox, I covered it in brown paper and stuck some random Christmassy bits on it.  I was going to use Christmas wrapping paper but I haven't got round to getting any yet!

There are three books from last year, and a new one,   a Christmas colouring book and Magic painting book (sent by my lovely friend in the UK)  a couple of DVDs from last year, and some gift tags to colour in to go on the presents will be giving. There are two pictures from old Christmas cards made by my Mum which I've put up for the last couple of years as it's got a photo of Leo in a Santa hat on it so although the decorations will not go up yet we can stick those on his door again.  I'll also put his advent calender in there as well.

I'm not sure how many years the box will last but it will be easy to make a new one and next time as he will be older I can get him to decorate it. 


  1. What a lovely idea for the children to enjoy and the start of a family tradition.

  2. looking good, I put the xmas books away with the decorations,I must remember to do the DVD's too! Mich x

  3. Oh this box will be one of those things he remembers from his childhood, guaranteed! We have a box of books, toys and DVDs specially for Christmas that only come out with the decorations, this year I think I'll wrap them like you have.

  4. That's a great idea! Although I am I'm afraid, guilty, when it comes to watching Miracle on 34th Street all year round! lol. Thanks for linking up xx

  5. Would love it you linked up?

  6. WHAT a super idea to have a special box. Thank you for linking up!


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