Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blogging Buddies

There has often been debate between Aaron and I over who you can class as friends, I am often known to mention something about a friend in conversation only to have him ask me 'Do you mean an 'actual' friend or some random person on the internet?'  I am the first to admit that I spend a lot of time online and through blogging I have made many acquaintances via twitter, facebook and forums and I can agree that many of them could be classed (in the nicest possible way!) as 'random internet people'

However, there are 3 bloggers who I do class as my friends, the fact I haven't yet met them is completely irrelevant!  Jenny, Lauren and 'Me' (as in 'The Boy and Me),  and yes I do realise the irony in having a friend with no name!) are three people who would definitely make it onto my Christmas card list. The three of them got to meet up recently at a blogging event in London and I may have sulked just a little bit that I couldn't go too! (not only that but it was a Butlins Ambassador meet up, and if you know me you will know how much I love Butlins!)

I 'met' Jenny first, I can't actually remember how long I've been reading her blog, or how long it took us to work out we are scarily similar.  Many times we've accidentally blogged about the same thing especially when it comes to Flashback Fridays, although that's probably due to our nights our drinking in our pre'baby days!  I think I then met Lauren and 'Me' via Jenny's blog but it was so long ago now I can't actually remember!
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I 'speak' to them more than most of my 'real life' friends and know they are always there (within a couple of hours worst way round!) and I feel like I know more about their lives than many people I've actually met, especially old friends in the UK who I've had very little contact with since moving.

I am often envious of the blogger events held in the UK, not necessarily for the event itself but the opportunity they provide to meet people you've known for ages and shared so much with. I have however met two lovely ladies here in Cyprus that I 'met' online from reading their blogs.

Vanja blogs over at Emma's Lunch and is currently taking Cyprus by storm with her amazing cakes and also very soon opening a shop which I am really looking forward to visiting (I'm actually REALLY excited by this, not only because I've tasted her cake pops before and they were yummy but she's planning activities for kids as well!)

My other 'real life' blogging friend is Eri, creator of Greek 4 Kids. I started following her blog last year and met her when I started taking Leo to her classes.  Vanja and Eri live a little way from me but they both came to my baby shower back in July and Vanja came again to meet Louka few weeks ago which was lovely even if she did forget my cake pops ;)

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  1. awww Emma thank you so much! i class you (and Lauren and 'me') as my real life friend very much and we will meet one day i know it! even if it means me coming to Cyprus!! i feel i know lots about my blogging friends lives and families too and we all look out for each other which is lovely. xx

  2. Ahhh lovely post. I met so many people at the most perfect time, when I had z and was all new to motherhood and didn't have the first clue about what I was doing.

  3. Awwww Emma this is so lovely and means so much.
    I feel the same, although I feel bad that I haven't been able to talk as often recently! xx

  4. Ha! I often mention to my husband or family that "my friend said/did" and since we moved earlier this year, they almost always know it's more than likely to be a twitter/blogging friend!

  5. Sorry for the delayed comment lovely.

    Thank you so much for being so fabulous and posting this, I completely agree with you about having real friends through the computer, it is possible and it works really well. And you *do* know my name!


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