Autumn in Cyprus

Following on from our Autumn wreath we made Leo and I have been talking more about the seasons and I've been telling him about the differences between Cyprus and England, having to resort to a google image search to find some 'proper autumn leaves'

I saw this lovely photo from 'The Boy and Me'

Seeing photos like this do make me want to jump on a plane but then I remember that I'm a miserable cow in the Autumn really and I'd probably be only moaning I was cold!

I'm loving our autumn though, it gives us the chance to get out and about more without worrying about getting too hot.  Going out in the height of summer anywhere other than the pool, beach or somewhere with air-conditioning is not fun.

Aaron has now finished work after his long summer and I've got plans to go a bit further afield and finally see a little bit more of Cyprus, both with him and the boys as well as a couple of child free days exploring places they would not enjoy.  

The bulk of the tourists have left and there is now a different feel to the place. Although Cyprus is marketed as a year round holiday destination quite a lot of places here on the East coast close for the winter. Agia Napa still has a bit of life to it, although its not quite the party town you find in the summer.

Protaras on the other hand becomes a ghost town almost overnight Driving down the 'strip' at the end of October it seems quieter but is still business as usual, take the same drive on the 1st November and there is no-one to be seen!

It's a shame that the tourist industry shuts down completely there, but it's a catch 22 situation - the business won't open when the tourists don't come, but they won't come because nothing is open!

Last weekend we took a walk down my favourite beach path and stopped at one of the restaurants for the last time this year. The owner said it was the last weekend of opening, he didn't want to close but it's just not worthwhile him opening without the passing trade.

Hopefully one day more businesses will continue to open and then people will come, it can only be a good thing really now everyone is struggling financially.   In the meantime though it's nice in some ways as we get 'our' island back!

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  1. I also don't like it when everything closes in Autumn and Winter.
    It's lovely being near the sea even if it cold and windy.

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention, seems odd seeing my boy all wrapped up on the same post as yours in their shorts! I would love to visit Cyrus out of season, it must be beautiful. It's on my mental to-do list for when The Boy is older so maybe you'll show me this beach walk?

  3. I would love to! You'd love Cyprus about this time of year, don't think you'd like it at all in the summer :) It would be great to see the Boy and Leo running down the path together!

  4. I recognise your photo of the street there at Protaras as that is where we stayed 2 years ago! Funny to see it with no one there, I was trying to work out which stretch of beach that was too. I had no idea it was still shorts and t shirt weather in Cyprus now, I assumed you would have our dreary grey just warmer. If Cyprus can claim warm and sunny Autumns then the tourists would flock! I love that photo from The Boy and Me too, beautiful with the sun. I have lots of fun on the Country Kids linky tomorrow with Autumn leaves, I hope you can join me again.

  5. We very rarely have grey skies, even when it gets colder it's usually still bright and sunny. Winters feel very cold indoors though with no heating and marble floors so it's better to be outside!

  6. I adore that boy photo too! It does seem strange to see you all dressed in shorts and tee shirts while we are all wrapped up now! Autumn is still beautiful over e Emma I have never known one to last as long Nd the co,ours are just stunning and makes me feel proud to be her when it looks,s like it does now. X x


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