Friday, 2 November 2012

A quiet morning stroll

It's quite a rare thing here in Cyprus to find somewhere that is totally 'buggy friendly'  annoying for a country that welcomes children so much! It's not impossible to find a nice place to walk though and one such place is just a short drive from us.

Last week while Leo was at school I took Louka down there for a stroll along the Pernera beach path.  Leo loves the path too but it made a nice change not having to chase after him and it reminded me of the first year we were here when I often used to walk it with Leo in the buggy. 

It felt like a long time since I'd been out walking, the heat and baby bump were a really bad combination for doing anything at all this summer!  Now the weather is starting to change and it's a great time of year, not too hot but still often shorts and t-shirt weather, at least during the day. 

The beach path is a great walk, running all the way from Pernera to Protaras and is paved or decked all the way along so makes a change from the usual uneven paths that make pushing a buggy hard work!

I love to 'people watch' along the path, you see all sorts and I love the differences in clothing people are wearing this time of year - tourists in bikinis and shorts, Cypriots in jeans and coats and ex-pats a bit confused and usually somewhere in between the two!  In case you were wondering  - the nifty temperature sensor on my buggy was reading 25 degrees.  I was wearing a long t-shirt, leggings and flip flops, I started off wondering if I would be warm enough but was quite hot by the time I'd got back to the car!


  1. 25? I'd have been roasting as I have a lot tolerance to heat. I used to love taking The Boy out in the pushchair when he used the iCandy because he was facing me and we'd chatter. Now he's in the Maclaren I hate the lack of communication and it feels like a chore :-( I might try him on his bike instead, which has a handle so I can keep him under control near busy roads.

  2. Awww I used to love those walks out in the buggy just me and Burton! Singing him nursery rhymes and pointing things out to him! Although I still took Jenson out when he was a baby, I had the double buggy so it wasn't quite the same!
    Louka looks very content there xx

  3. Awwww it looks like a lovely place to walk. I need to take Harry out more often whilst Charles is at school.

    It was funny when we went to Lanzarote. The locals were dressed in thick jumpers, jeans, some were wearing coats, and there was us in Summer clothes and feeling really hot! xx


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