Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dividing the housework

This week Aaron finished work for the winter, he's worked so hard for the last 7 months and we've both been looking forward to his time off.  Aaron is looking forward to spending time with the boys and having some time to rest and recover from working 7 days a week for so long..... I'm just wondering how long to give him before I hit him with the 'to do list'

He's going to get off lightly in my opinion  there are few big things I want doing around the apartment but I certainly don't intend to do all the household / childcare jobs on my own now he's here full time too!

We do seem to always fall into the same jobs though - emptying bins, cleaning windows and ironing are always down to Aaron,   Mopping and sweeping is usually a joint effort, but there is one thing that is always completely down to me...... Aaron does not do washing up.....EVER.

To be fair, I did know this long before we got married and being a Kitchen Designer he knew how best to compare dishwashers and find the best dishwasher deals. When we brought our first house he redesigned our small kitchen to make sure we could fit one in.

Our kitchen in our apartment did not have space for a dishwasher so he redesigned this one too and gave the plans to the developers before they even started building the apartment block.

Unfortunately our dishwasher packed up over a year ago and we have not had the funds to replace it, there is now a very sad gap in our kitchen awaiting the time when we can get a new one. Until then we I have to make sure I find him enough other chores to do to balance out the time I spend at the sink!

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