Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Hungry Caterpillar and the Unhappy Butterfly

This week's Gallery theme is 'Books'

I can't remember a time when I didn't read. There have been so many books over the years I'd loved, I have no idea how many books I've read but for each time of life there are always a few which stick out in your mind, even as far back as  I can remember, back to my play-school days....

No prizes for guessing which classic book we were characters from...

It was our playschools end of year show, I was the butterfly and all I had to do was crawl out of the cocoon (a table covered in brown paper)  after my friend the hungry caterpillar had crawled into the other side.

I was very shy anyway and wasn't very happy about doing it probably but unfortunately I hit my head on the table as I came out - I can still remember the pain!    I saw my Mum in the audience and ran straight to her crying!

No amount of persuasion could get me back on stage, I think in the end my Mum came up too!

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  1. I Love This Book Too ............. So many Memories Of Working In Schools .... love Your Costumes ;) x ... Oh What A Beautiful Butterfly )x

  2. This is my little girls favourite story, I have read it to her since she was just a few months old, she knows it word for word now and still loves it! x

  3. Love the photos by the way, fabulous costumes! x

  4. Great photos. I love the different costumes. We really enjoy the very hungry caterpillar too.

  5. Great pictures and take on the theme!

  6. ha ha ha Emma look at you! mind you , you look happier than the Hungry Caterpillar! what fab photos! thanks for linking up xx

  7. Awwww this is so cute! The caterpillars face is brilliant! ha ha!
    Poor you banging your head though. xx


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