Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Birth story - Part three

After the hugely painful but overall brilliant birth of Loukas I was taken back to the ward. It had two beds but at that point I had it all to myself, with TV and free wi-fi plus a great view I was very comfortable.

The midwives took Louka for a few hours so I could rest which was most appreciate. They loved this 'big baby' with his head of gorgeous blonde hair, something which must be very unusual for them. They often popped in for no apparent reason during my stay just to see him!

I was quite happy in the hospital unlike when I had Leo where I couldn't wait to get out, although this time I was appreciating the time to rest before starting the new chapter of my life with two children.  Aaron came to see me after work and to meet his second son. He stayed just a short while so he could get home relive my parents and put Leo to bed.  My parents then popped in afterwards as I had not felt up to seeing Leo right away, preferring to be able to greet him properly when I did.

Leo got to meet his brother the following day although he was mainly bemused by this little thing lying in the cot. He was so happy to see me, running in saying 'Mama I missed you soooo much'. He jumped up onto the bed and suddenly looked to me like he had got bigger and much older in just over 24 hours. 
They stayed for an hour or so, until Leo got bored of being stuck in one room and started asking to go home, he was a bit sad when he realised I wasn't going too but he left without too much of a fuss. 

They like to keep you in for 3 full days after birth but Aaron had booked the Tuesday off work and it was to be his only day off until winter so I asked if I could leave then. They were reluctant as Louka was born at 4pm so letting me go Tuesday morning was a bit early. However as my doctor lives below me he agreed telling me to knock if I had any problems. 

Overall it was a much better experience the giving birth first time round. I know every birth is different but I believe the main difference was due to having Claire there. Not only did it take the pressure off Aaron to be there when he really did not enjoy the first time at all but her knowledge and experience was far more useful than anything he could have done for me. 

If it wasn't for Claire I wouldn't have been as active during early labour which I'm sure helped speed things up, and I certainly would have demanded pain relief.  Although I never planned to do it without and didn't see any point in trying to, I'm so glad that I did. I think it made all the difference to the length of labour and my recovery afterwards compared to last time, and it also meant that it was all a lot clearer.   I can't thank her enough!



  1. oh i almost missed this post! i remember thinking now big Burton seemed suddenly after Jenson was born too, even though when i look back at photos of the toe of them from back then, Burton was still so small and little.
    you did so well Emma - you should be proud of yourself. Have you seen Claire since? x

  2. She came round for a cuppa and a cuddle (she never got to hold Louka on the day!) and now my friend Sam is pregnant and hiring her too so I'll see her lots more.


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