Marching for Cyprus Independence Day

Leo has been at his new 'Big school' for 3 weeks already, he's enjoying it and is now going off each morning without a fuss which is brilliant! Each day when I pick him up he's so pleased to see me but comes out happy and full of beans telling me all about his day.

I've been making sure when I collect him that I'm not late, but also trying not to be too early (I am usually too early for most things!) as I didn't want him to expect me to be the first Mum in each day. This usually means I am sat in the car for a while or I sneak into the school and try and catch a glimpse of him before he sees me.   It amazes me each time I do to see him in this new environment getting on with it and looking so grown up.

On Friday as I pulled up in the car I could see all the children in the playground which was different to usual. I realised that they were all marching with the teachers who were also banging drums and singing.  Each child was waving a Cypriot flag they had made earlier in the day.

I was so pleased to catch sight of Leo marching happily in line with his class, some of the children were not as enthusiastic but it really made me smile to see Leo waving his flag and really enjoying it. When I collected him he proudly showed me the flag he had coloured (in the lines for a change!!)  and told me this is where we live.   I asked him what they had done with the flags afterwards and he decided to show me.....

The 1st of October is Cyprus Independence day and today is a Bank Holiday  It is celebrated with parades and festivals at the schools and have a large military parade in the capital, Nicosia. Cyprus got its independence from Britain in 1960.


  1. i thought something had happened at the school the 1st time i arrived at school and this was happening haha.

  2. glad hes settled in well xx

  3. He marches very well! I am happy for you both that he likes it so much x


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