Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Love it or hate it even in Cyprus where it's not widely acknowledged you can't avoid the fact it's Halloween, so it's no surprise that this weeks Gallery theme is 'Frightful' 

It didn't take me long to figure out what photo to dig out the archives...

Scary clown, fancy dress, Butlins, halloween

Meet Scary Clown, aka my husband in his favourite fancy dress costume of all time! 

This was his outfit of choice on a adult party weekend at Butlins several years ago. I tried to disown him for the night but as much as we tried we couldn't lose him even in a packed nightclub, you could always tell where he was by the screams coming from random people as they ran away!   


  1. That certainly matches the theme. Eek ! X

  2. ooooh i find clowns quite creepy and freaky actually and Aaron looks scary! i will be going now then! x

  3. Halloween is one of the amazing event, and this year i participated in this event with a beautiful and impressive fancy dress. Because of that fancy dress i was looking damn attractive and i liked it.


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