Monday, 8 October 2012

My birth story - Part one

Loukas is now 6 weeks old and I've finally finished writing my birth story - it's quite long so I've split it into several posts, the rest will be coming up over the next few days.

Although I didn't have a terrible birth with Leo it wasn't the best fun I'd ever had (you can read the story here)   12 hours of labour with gas & air, pethidine  ventouse delivery followed by stitches. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck afterwards and was very uncomfortable for weeks.

My second birth was very different, It's taken me an age to write but here is my story, I tried (and failed) to keep it short and sweet so will split it into several posts just in case I accidentally break the interweb or something!

I was very nervous at first about giving birth again, especially as I was to be doing it here in Cyprus. I'd heard that they don't really 'do' pain relief - no gas and air, no mentions of epidural (although the thought of those make me feel ill anyway) and reluctance to use pethidine  Most Mums I know here said they were only given paracetamol  this terrified me - paracetamol is useless, doesn't even get rid of a headache half the time!

All the way through the pregnancy I figured I'd just MAKE them give me pethidine  I know a lot of people don't like it as it can make the baby drowsy but I don't DO pain so there was no way I intended to do it with nothing.

In our meeting leading up to the birth my Doula Claire said she thought I could do it with no pain relief, I wondered what the hell she was basing that idea on and thought she was a nutter.  I just smiled, nodded and thought just you wait and see!

I was surprised towards the end that I felt much more confident about the birth than I had with Leo. I guess partly as I'd done it before (although I now knew how horrible it would be!) but mainly due to the meetings with Claire. I knew that I wouldn't have to worry about the language barrier which had been a big concern of mine (most hospital staff speak English but it worries me when they talk amongst themselves about you)   I also knew that Claire knew what she was doing and would be able to 'fight my corner' if need be.

I was completely convinced I wouldn't reach my due date so was a bit disappointed when it came and went, I was then scheduled for an induction 5 days after my due date and got even more nervous about how much harder it might make the labour.

On the morning of Saturday 25th August Claire arrived at my house at 8am. We had a cuppa and she helped me get my stuff togethter and made sure she had all the numbers of people I wanted to be kept updated on the events of the day.

We got to the hospital just after 9am and I was taken straight to my room (a ward with 2 beds which I had just to myself at this point). The midwives were lovely and happy for Claire to be there, we'd been a bit worried that they wouldn't want her there as Doula's are not really known in Cyprus.  My Doctor was there too, she is lovely was very helpful and reassuring.

One of the things that I was worried about was being given an enema (which is strange as I'd been worried about 'pooing during labour with Leo). I'd never had one and it really worried me!  They no longer give them in the UK but it's still standard practice here.  It wasn't as bad an experience as I thought however but while I was waiting for it to take effect I did  suddenly realise that this was really all about to happen and felt a bit overwhelmed.

Claire predicted that I would have the baby by 4pm. I didn't even want to hazard a guess!



  1. Ooooh can't wait to read the rest x

  2. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your birth story. My second labour was drastically different to my first (which sounds a lot like your first!) In fact I need to start writing it up soon before I start forgetting things. X

  3. Oh I love a good birth story, can't wait for part 2 x


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