Bambino Mio Cloth Nappies - Review

While I was pregnant with Louka I received a set of cloth nappies from Bambino Mio to review. I'd never used cloth before and was slightly apprehensive about it to be honest, especially once I'd remembered how bad newborn poops are!

The nappies I am using are the Bambino Mio two piece nappy system.   Here's what they say about them...

Our award winning cotton nappies are designed to provide maximum absorbency and comfort for your baby.
  • made using a three panel construction with 6-8 layers of cotton (size 1 nappy has 6 layers, size 2 nappies have 8 layers) in the centre and 4 layers of cotton in the outer panels
  • can be folded in various ways to suit the individual needs of baby
  • made from tightly woven 100% cotton
  • long lasting and can often be used on subsequent children

I finally plucked up the courage last week to try them out.... and I'm not entirely sure now what I was so sacred of!

Louka looked ever so cute in the nappy - whatever your views on disposable vs cloth, you can't argue that cloth doesn't look better!

He was completely nonplussed by the change from disposables so I guess he is just as happy in them! They looked comfy and I was pleased to see they are not as bulky as I was expecting,  being a big baby lots of his clothes are getting on the small side already and I was worried that a big bulky nappy would speed that up!

At first I found it quite hard to fold the inserts and fit them in the nappy with the biodegradable nappy liner staying in place, but after watching a video on Youtube I realised I hadn't been doing it quite right!

My main reservation about reusable nappies was the storing of the dirty nappies until washing. This turned out to be not as bad as I expected either,  with a lidded bucket and laundry bag they were very easy to handle and no more unpleasant that trying to get a dirty disposable into a nappy sack (whilst getting the tabs stuck to the bag etc!)   They came out of the wash looking (and smelling!) as good as new and dried lovely and quick in the Cyprus sunshine!

Obviously reusable nappies are much better for the environment but the main advantage for me is the huge saving to be made by not having to buy hundreds of disposable nappies.  Here in Cyprus they are even more extortionate than in the UK so it will really help keep my shopping bills down!

I was surprised how well I ended up getting on with them, and although I think I'll stick to disposables when out and about (they do have a wet nappy bag though which looks very effective and hygenic for bringing dirty ones home) I'm now more than happy to save some cash and spare the landfill sites when indoors!

I have received the starter set of nappies for review but the thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


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