Theraline Maternity Pillow (Review)

It's ironic isn't it that after the birth of a baby and you regain the ability to get comfortable for a good nights sleep without a big baby bump to accomodate, that the big baby bump becomes a big (certainly in my case with a 9lb 4oz baby!) alarm clock which wakes you instead!

I was really struggling during the last few weeks of my pregnancy to get comfortable at night, it was achieved with a combination of pillows and heavy use of the air conditioning - essential when temperatures were not dropping much below 30 degrees at night!

This week I received a Maternity and Nursing pillow from Theraline. I'd always liked the look of these pillows after seeing them whilst pregnant with Leo but had only used maternity pillows which are much smaller.

This is what they say about the 'Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow'

The most comfortable pillow for pregnancy
and breastfeeding

Stable support during your pregnancy
Relief for legs, belly and a stressed back
Easy to change sleeping positions
Real comfort for baby feeding
Safely molds to baby’s body
Amazing back support

Though it's too late to help with my pregnancy sleep, I've found it to be a godsend whilst feeding Loukas, the sheer size of it means you can use it in various ways, the best I've found is to wrap it around you, using it as back support for myself, and as a comfy rest and support during feeding to stop my arm going numb!

I can see this pillow being used for a long time to come, not only will it be very handy in a support for Loukas for sitting up, the fact that Leo has also taken a shine to it suggests that it has a much longer life in our family!

I was sent this pillow in exchange for a review but the opinions are all my own.


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