The week that was....

This is the week that saw the arrival of our second gorgeous baby boy. It's a week that compared to the previous few seems to have passed by in just a few seconds!

Saturday was the big day, after a short, painful but drug free labour  Loukas Alexander arrived in the world.  (DRUG FREE! am still shocked that I survived that, you should hear the fuss I make when I get a paper cut!)  Aaron was not at the birth, as was previously planned but my doula, Claire was at my side the whole time and did a fantastic job.

Full birth story coming up soon!

We were then visited by Aaron on his way home from work, and then my Mum and Dad came in afterwards once he had got back for Leo.

Sunday was the day that Leo got to meet his little brother, he was so happy to see me when they got there and jumped on the bed shouting 'Mama I've missed you so much'.   He was bemused and almost a little scared of Loukas and although he peeped into the cot he wouldn't touch him. In fact he preferred to run up and down outside up the slopes and go and look at the hospitals helipad!

On Monday, Leo went reluctantly to school being unhappy with the change of routine but was excited to come and visit us again in the afternoon. 

Tuesday was Aaron's first day off after working 105 days straight, and the only one he will get until the end of the season. I signed a discharge form at the hospital to enable me to leave so Aaron could bring Leo in and we could all go home together.  They wanted me to stay for four days in case any problems came up, but as I live so close to the hospital and my doctor lives downstairs they reluctantly let me go!

It was lovely to spend some time with Aaron and he got to have his first dip in the pool this year whilst spending some quality 'Daddy time' with Leo while Loukas and I had a rest.   Leo was happy to have us home and wasted no time in introducing Loukas  to his engines - in fact we hadn't even got him out of his car seat!

The rest of the week passed by in a blur of a few visitors, feeding and cuddles with both of my boys in a slightly dazed and confused tired but lovely state!


  1. Congrats lovely on your second beautiful boy!

  2. awwww, big congratulations......Leo looks like hes gonna love having a baby brother xx

  3. Donna@MummyCentral2 September 2012 at 23:53

    Congratulations to all of you. Going from three to four is a big leap (in my opinion). You realise how easy it was when you just had one child to worry about. But it's also an amazing adventure. And if Leo loves his little brother as much as my eldest son loves his, it will really melt your heart xxx

  4. congratulations to you all. enjoy this lovely new chapter with your new family x

  5. Tallulah@BilingualBabes3 September 2012 at 12:36

    Many congratulations! What a gorgeous set of pics and so lovely to have all your boys at home :-)

  6. Congratulations, and a lovely name for him.

  7. Congratulations!! Such a lovely name and I like the funky spelling :)

    Over from My week that was x


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